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Modular Buildings & Uses

An Acrol modular building integrates all essential facilities into one adaptable structure, simplifying your needs under a single roof. Available in single, double, or triple stories, these buildings cater to varying workforce sizes. Swiftly supplied, delivered, and assembled on-site, they become operational within weeks. The design encompasses spacious open offices, compact workspaces, meeting rooms, a kitchen, canteen, induction and training rooms, reception area, leisure space, prayer room, along with restroom facilities including showers.

Modular Buildings ~ Potential Uses:

>>> office Buildings
>>> meeting rooms
>>> Portable kitchens
>>> training rooms
>>> reception area

and many more…

Transforming your Spaces
Our modular buildings swiftly transform your site into a functional space, offering unparalleled flexibility in layout design, limited only by your creativity and available ground area. A popular arrangement involves expansive open-plan offices, separate confidential workspaces, an array of meeting areas, a welcoming reception, kitchens, and segregated restroom facilities.

Efficient Delivery & Maintenance
Our adept site teams ensure safe and efficient delivery and installation of your modular healthcare building as per schedule. We pride ourselves on a responsive maintenance service, guaranteeing the pristine condition of your modular building throughout the tenure. Should relocation become necessary within your site or to another location, our professional relocation service is at your disposal. Explore our comprehensive support services for more details.

Acrol Modular Buildings present an extensive selection of mobile and static temporary accommodation units and modular buildings, offered for short or long-term hire, ensuring diverse needs are met with adaptable solutions.

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The team of skilled engineers and construction experts is dedicated to upholding the utmost standards, ensuring that your building not only aligns with your specifications but also complies with all requisite standards.

For more information on the range of Modular Buildings we supply, please call Acrol today on 0191 477 3500.

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