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We specialise in crafting, manufacturing, and delivering an exclusive line of in-house modular buildings. Our structures are both cost-effective and visually appealing, offering a contemporary and adaptable space that can be fully tailored to suit your specifications.

The Acrol Modular Building Collection
At Acrol Modular Buildings, we’re committed to simplifying the entire process for you as a trusted supplier of modular constructions. Our Clearview Modular Buildings stand out, designed, produced, and supplied in-house to cater to a wide array of needs. These builds outshine traditional modular structures often seen at schools, festivals, or construction sites. They offer superior cost-effectiveness and aesthetics, representing a modern and versatile solution fully customizable to meet your requirements.

Our range encompasses various sizes, styles, and finishes, providing an excellent and cost-efficient alternative to conventional brick and mortar buildings. These stylish modular constructions are easy to install and lend an appealing finish to any site.

Additionally, Acrol Modular Buildings provides options for purchasing or hiring second-hand modular constructions. Emphasizing sustainability, our buyback service and rental options ensure that our buildings avoid wastage or ending up in landfills. We consistently maintain a selection of carefully refurbished used modular buildings in stock, showcasing the extent and quality of our refurbishment service. Connect with us to consult with an advisor about the potential of modular construction as your solution.

Our seasoned team at Acrol Modular Buildings boasts industry expertise and a wealth of experience, offering top-tier guidance and advice. We specialize in tailor-made modular building services, providing purpose-built solutions to fulfill your specific needs or presenting existing alternatives from our inventory.

Explore our range of modular buildings or reach out to our team to discuss your requirements today. At Acrol Modular Buildings, expect a warm and efficient service.

For more information on the range of Modular Buildings we supply, please call Acrol today on 0191 477 3500.

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