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Modular Building Benefits

With over 30 years experience, Acrol Modular Building are specialists in portable accommodation rentals in Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and throughout the North East.

Rapid Turn Around of Modular Buildings
Opting for one of our portable modular buildings unlocks a plethora of intriguing possibilities tailored to your specific requirements. Crafted to suit your needs, these buildings offer swift and hassle-free solutions for creating an ideal commercial space, whether for personal or professional use. Leveraging the advantages of cutting-edge technology and resilient materials capable of enduring diverse weather conditions, we deliver a functional, contemporary portable modular building that grants you the flexibility to erect it wherever you desire!

Versitile & Rapid Construction
Portable building spaces can be swiftly constructed, often matching or beating the time it takes for traditional brick structures to secure planning permission. Unlike conventional construction, modular buildings offer adaptable foundations, easily assembled and modified to meet evolving needs. This flexibility is crucial for businesses, government facilities, educational institutions, and medical centers, enabling quick reconfiguration to optimize space. For rapidly expanding entities, prefabricated construction emerges as an indispensable choice.

Cost Effective Solutions
Moreover, modular buildings can be up to 60% more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts, even before factoring in savings from reduced labor and equipment expenses. Their eco-friendly construction and durable materials contribute to ongoing cost efficiency through easier maintenance. Rigorous quality control ensures consistent satisfaction.

Minimal Disruption
In settings like medical or educational facilities, minimizing disruption is paramount. Uninterrupted concentration for students and teachers or restful environments for patients is crucial. Even for business or retail extensions, avoiding disruption to clientele is key. Prefabricated buildings offer less intrusive construction, making them an ideal solution.

For more information on the range of Modular Buildings we supply, please call Acrol today on 0191 477 3500.

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